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Scary   /skˈɛri/   Listen

Provoking fear terror.  Synonyms: chilling, scarey, shivery, shuddery.  "The most terrible and shuddery...tales of murder and revenge"

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"Scary" Quotes from Famous Books

... trees were scattered. We were facing south and east, and the mountain we were on sheered away in a dangerous slant. Beyond us still greater wooded mountains blocked the way, and in the canon between night had already fallen. I began to get scary. I could only think of bears and catamounts, so, as it was five o'clock, we decided to camp. The trees were immense. The lower branches came clear to the ground and grew so dense that any tree afforded ...
— Letters of a Woman Homesteader • Elinore Pruitt Stewart

... Grandma, "I don't trust that horse either. You'd better be mighty careful. That horse isn't mean but it's young and scary." ...
— Green Valley • Katharine Reynolds

... he, as he handed Glenn the check; "but build right up to Miss Jule. Holy snakes, boy, if I was your age I would make her dizzy with a big talk. Tell her you're thinking of quitting Las Palomas and driving a trail herd yourself next year. Tell it big and scary. Make her eyes fairly bulge out, and when you can't think of anything else, ...
— A Texas Matchmaker • Andy Adams

... were crowned with pure snow. It was one of those glorious surprises in scenery which make one feel as if one must bow down and worship. The forest was thick, and had an undergrowth of dwarf spruce and brambles, but as the horse had become fidgety and "scary" on the track, I turned off in the idea of taking a short cut, and was sitting carelessly, shortening my stirrup, when a great, dark, hairy beast rose, crashing and snorting, out of the tangle just in front of me. I had only a glimpse of him, and thought that ...
— A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains • Isabella L. Bird

... rear-guard swear so 'ard when night is drorin' in, An' every native follower is shiverin' for 'is skin? It ain't the chanst o' being rushed by Paythans from the 'ills, It's the commissariat camel puttin' on 'is bloomin' frills! O the oont, O the oont, O the hairy scary oont! A-trippin' over tent-ropes when we've got the night alarm! We socks 'im with a stretcher-pole an' 'eads 'im off in front, An' when we've saved 'is bloomin' life 'e chaws ...
— Barrack-Room Ballads • Rudyard Kipling

... his curly pate. "Who is there for her?" he demanded. "Macfarlane the policeman is too fat; the doctor is too old, his hair is white; the parson is a little, scary man. All are afraid of her; her proud eye mak' a man feel weak inside. There are no ot'er white men there. She is a woman. She mus' have a master. There is no man in the ...
— The Fur Bringers - A Story of the Canadian Northwest • Hulbert Footner

... in his own mind, and he went back, cautiously and ready to run if a twig snapped, but back, nevertheless, to the place where he thought he had seen the snake. Any one, you know, may be frightened, but to face the fear and see if it is an afraid thought, or something really scary—that takes a truly brave person. And always afterward Sunny Boy was to be glad that he had had the courage ...
— Sunny Boy in the Country • Ramy Allison White

... lightnin'," said the boy, as he brought the animal to the door; "she's been so long in the stable, she's as wild and scary as a bird." ...
— Elsie's Womanhood • Martha Finley

... and washed the dishes—I was sort of scary too. We had 'ranged to go away that day. I hadn't much to do, Though I always had some sewing work, and I got it and sat down; But the old clock tick-tacked loud at me, and I put ...
— Successful Recitations • Various

... you really get into the spirit of it," said Jack, laughing happily. "If we remembered all the time that this was only a game, we wouldn't be doing things the right way at all. If you feel a little scary, and something like the way you'd feel if it was a real enemy in front of us, it'll only make you a bit more careful, and that's just what we want. We want them to think, when they catch us, that we're surprised and scared, and if we can make ourselves feel that way, so much the ...
— The Boy Scout Automobilists - or, Jack Danby in the Woods • Robert Maitland

... skittish about going below, 'fraid there might be some dead folks, but Hammond went. In a minute or so up he comes, looking scary. ...
— Cape Cod Stories - The Old Home House • Joseph C. Lincoln

... tricks. I'll not lose sleep over lost sheep," John Jacobs declared. "Let's hunt up the cattle and forget this, and the woman and the scary little twist in ...
— Winning the Wilderness • Margaret Hill McCarter

... thought I was. Gridley says he was going by and he says I called him in and told him, fool-wise, all the things I was going to do to Mr. Lidgerwood. He says he hushed me up, called me out to the sidewalk, and started me home. Mac, I don't remember a single wheel-turn of all that, and it makes me scary ...
— The Taming of Red Butte Western • Francis Lynde

... proclamation of April 15, 1861, and on the 17th he joined the Governor's staff as assistant quartermaster general. He served in the field in Western Virginia, with the three months levies, as State military engineer with the Ohio troops under Generals McClellan, Cox and Hill, and at Scary Run, on the Kanawha, July 17, 1861, behaved with great gallantry under fire, and conducted himself with intrepidity and coolness during an engagement that lasted two hours, and in which his horse was wounded under him. At the expiration ...
— Cleveland Past and Present - Its Representative Men, etc. • Maurice Joblin

... than she herself was; but she was a very wise little child about such matters, and she said to herself, "Why, of course, they're only their usual sizes, you know, and they're sure to be the same scary things they always are,"—and then she stamped her foot at them and said "Shoo!" very boldly, and, after laughing to see the great creatures whisk about and dash into the thicket, she walked ...
— The Admiral's Caravan • Charles E. Carryl

... conservative cash grain man," answered Freye, "who hasn't been associated with speculating for years. Crookes has got to have that element in the clique before we can approach Stires & Co. We may have to get a pile of money from them, and they're apt to be scary and cautious. Cressler being in, do you see, gives the clique a substantial, conservative character. You let Crookes manage it. ...
— The Pit • Frank Norris

... came to see what was the matter and we went around and examined the windows, but they were all locked. It made me feel kind of scary for ...
— The Mystery Of The Boule Cabinet - A Detective Story • Burton Egbert Stevenson

... events of her day, including their climax in the ride with the famous Simone Greville. And he'd come over every now and then and interrupt himself and her with some sort of unexpected caress—a kiss on the back of her neck, or an embrace that would threaten her coiffure—and this vague, scary, nightmarish sort of feeling, which for no reasonable reason at all seemed to be clutching at ...
— The Real Adventure • Henry Kitchell Webster

... over the mountain for miles, so that it was like trying to find the way under a blanket; but we kept on riding our horses over fallen logs and squeezing them between trees, all the time keeping a sharp watch over them, for they were fresh and scary. ...
— A Woman Tenderfoot • Grace Gallatin Seton-Thompson

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