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Back porch   /bæk pɔrtʃ/   Listen
Back porch

A porch for the back door.

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"Back porch" Quotes from Famous Books

... came out upon the back porch and listened to Ensal's story. She dared not look him in the face too often. Her eyes told too plainly of ...
— The Hindered Hand - or, The Reign of the Repressionist • Sutton E. Griggs

... occasion, says "Lippincott's Magazine," to stop at a country home where a tin basin and a roller-towel on the back porch sufficed for the family's ablutions. For two mornings the "hired man" of the household watched in silence the visitor's efforts at making a toilette under the unfavorable auspices, but when on the third day the ...
— Good Stories from The Ladies Home Journal • Various

... house, made by knocking two small rooms together, seemed fairly full already, and other guests were on the back porch. The Graces were there, putting the finishing-touches to the table—Helga had not come, after all, but had gone instead, with her young man, to spend a few sunny afternoon hours among the films. And one of the young business- men present at Mrs. Phillips' dinner was present here; ...
— Bertram Cope's Year • Henry Blake Fuller

... two cupfuls of water to wash your hands and one for your face. You'll find the barrel and basin upon the back porch. And don't throw the water away! I'll save it for you to use the next ...
— Under Handicap - A Novel • Jackson Gregory

... chicken salad that are left over. Colonel Morrison told us that no child was ever known to adorn the back yard of the Conklin home while a social cataclysm was going on, but that when Mrs. Morrison entertained the Ladies' Literary League, children from the holy Conklin family went home from his back porch with their faces smeared with chicken croquettes and their hands sticky ...
— Americans All - Stories of American Life of To-Day • Various

... the back way. Before the scrape of her hard, bare feet had died away on the back porch, a wild shriek—I was sure it was hers—filled the hollow house. Then the deep, gruff tones of an angry man's voice mingled with the girl's further squeals and ...
— Strictly Business • O. Henry

... good news," said Madelene, when they were in the dim daylight on the creeper-screened back porch. For such was her generous interpretation of his expression of self-confidence ...
— The Second Generation • David Graham Phillips

... Cobb had put up his horses that night he carried a kitchen chair to the side of his wife, who was sitting on the back porch. ...
— The Flag-raising • Kate Douglas Wiggin

... listen to a song that makes her cry. Let's settle it this way. We can't move the piano, but we can move Elly. Elly dear, suppose you go 'way out through the kitchen and shut both doors and stand on the back porch. Toucle will probably be there, looking out, the way she does evenings, so you won't be alone. I'll send Mark out to get you when we're through. And because it's not very much fun to stand out in the dark, you can ...
— The Brimming Cup • Dorothy Canfield Fisher

... of Penrod's mother not to throw away anything whatsoever until years of storage conclusively proved there would never be a use for it; but a recent house-cleaning had ejected upon the back porch a great quantity of bottles and other paraphernalia of medicine, left over from illnesses in the family during a period of several years. This debris Della, the cook, had collected in a large market basket, ...
— Penrod • Booth Tarkington

... that in his discomfort there must be something of retribution for Desdemona. Had he but known it, he had a long line of human precedents in the matter of this particular piece of foolishness, even to the detail of the untasted dinner-dish which he left in the back porch when he went ...
— Jan - A Dog and a Romance • A. J. Dawson

... was like inviting something to spring on her,—then she slid out of bed and ran down the stairs, gave a frightened glance at the front door behind which sat her aunt, who would send her up again, and slipped across the back porch ...
— Shapes that Haunt the Dusk • Various

... the back porch, pounding excitedly on a box which the express-man had left there a few ...
— Two Little Knights of Kentucky • Annie Fellows Johnston

... placed in the dish-pan of boiling water, and in a short time it was pliable enough to permit of bending. It was secured in the proper bent position by slipping the toe end of the shoe between the banisters on the back porch and nailing a cleat back of the heel end. When the ski was perfectly dry the toe strap was nailed on just back of the balancing point, and also another strap, to be secured about the ankle. Then a cleat was nailed onto the ski to fit against the heel of the shoe. In ...
— The Scientific American Boy - The Camp at Willow Clump Island • A. Russell Bond

... looked at the yellow envelope fear again gripped my heart, and without opening it I walked into the house, locking the great door behind me with trembling fingers, and went toward a light I saw shining from the trellised back porch and which I did not understand. I have never in my life been the least bit afraid of anything, except something within my own body, from the hideous pain of my green-apple days to the pain I had felt as ...
— The Heart's Kingdom • Maria Thompson Daviess

... hungry," chimed in Grace, who had overheard. "There's a bowl of bread and milk Mother fixed for him before breakfast, out on the back porch, with a plate over it to keep the cats out. Take him out there and ...
— Brother and Sister • Josephine Lawrence

... named Lillie Pierce, was taken on the back porch this morning, and for the first time Mrs. Mundy left me ...
— People Like That • Kate Langley Bosher

... bell and Harriet had told him Sunny Boy was in the back yard. So Oliver had walked through the house, scattering snow at every step, and out through the kitchen to the back porch where he found Sunny Boy beginning ...
— Sunny Boy and His Playmates • Ramy Allison White

... everybody from the house, to see the sunset from the hills above this glen, and I lay alone in the back porch, in the twilight. A light wagon drove up, and in two minutes a little lady had run to me, thrown herself upon her knees beside me, and pressed her sweet lips to my forehead. It was our darling little ...
— Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 1, No. 6, April, 1858 • Various

... said Miss Roberta, rising, "that I must go and get my key basket, and descend into the store-room. Won't you come in? We shall find uncle on the back porch." ...
— The Late Mrs. Null • Frank Richard Stockton

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