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Video   /vˈɪdioʊ/   Listen

The visible part of a television transmission.  Synonym: picture.
A recording of both the visual and audible components (especially one containing a recording of a movie or television program).  Synonym: video recording.
(computer science) the appearance of text and graphics on a video display.
Broadcasting visual images of stationary or moving objects.  Synonyms: telecasting, television, TV.  "Television is a medium because it is neither rare nor well done"

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"Video" Quotes from Famous Books

... Padres (como ellos los llaman) no experimentara/n mas que rebeliones insolencias y desprecios. . . .' — Letter quoted by Ibanez ('Causa Jesuitica'), and also preserved at Simancas. *3* The Marques de Valdelirios, writing to Don Jose de Carvajal from Monte Video, June 28, 1752 (Simancas, Legajo 7,447), says: 'Estoy cierto de que los padres estan ya en la persuasion de que el tratado no se ha de dejar de executar.' This being so, it was evident that the Marquis, at the date of writing, was of opinion that the Jesuits were not going to oppose ...
— A Vanished Arcadia, • R. B. Cunninghame Graham

... the infant schools: he will perform all the honorary functions, barring exactly that which would be efficacious, but which is repugnant to his habits. Work without hope of profits! That cannot be, for it would be self-destruction. He would like to, perhaps; he has not the courage. Video meliora proboque, deteriora sequor. The retired proprietor is really the owl of the fable gathering beech-nuts for its mutilated mice until it is ready to devour them. Is society also to be blamed for these effects of a passion so long, so freely, ...
— The Philosophy of Misery • Joseph-Pierre Proudhon

... European Telecommunications Satellite Organization (Paris). Fiber-optic cable - a multichannel communications cable using a thread of optical glass fibers as a transmission medium in which the signal (voice, video, etc.) is in the form of ...
— The 2007 CIA World Factbook • United States

... onto his shoulders. The little fellow laughed and whooped it up, firing several shots from his Captain Video Ray gun ...
— Martian V.F.W. • G.L. Vandenburg

... "Getting anything on video?" I asked. Joyce shook his head. "Nothing, Captain. I've checked the whole spectrum, and this is all I get. It's coming in on about a ...
— Greylorn • John Keith Laumer

... in his pamphlet De Pontificia infallibilitate. It is given in full in the last pages of the Observationes, and is abridged in his Concio habenda sed non habita, where he concludes: "Eam fidei doctrinam esse neganti, non video quomodo responderi possit, cum objiceret Ecclesiam errorem contra fidem divinitus revelatam diu tolerare non potuisse, quin, aut quod ad fidei depositum pertineret non scivisse, aut errorem ...
— The History of Freedom • John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton

... ista villarum, quibus Lucium Paullum et Lucium Mummium, qui rebus his urbem Italiamque omnem referserunt, ab aliquo video perfacile Deliaco ...
— The Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero, Volume 4 • Cicero

... flesh varies very much—that of a very obese pig containing more than half its weight of fat, whilst in some specimens of "jerked beef," imported from Monte Video, scarcely 5 per cent. of that substance was found. The flesh of a fat ox has on an average ...
— The Stock-Feeder's Manual - the chemistry of food in relation to the breeding and - feeding of live stock • Charles Alexander Cameron

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