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Dinner bell   /dˈɪnər bɛl/   Listen
Dinner bell

A bell rung to announce that dinner has been served.

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"Dinner bell" Quotes from Famous Books

... behind, Reluctantly his claims resign'd, And stretch'd his glowing front entire, As forward peep'd CRICKHOWEL spire; But no proud castle turrets gleam'd; No warrior Earl's gay banner stream'd; E'en of thy palace, grief to tell! A tower without a dinner bell; An arch where jav'lin'd centries bow'd Low to their chief, or fed the croud, Are all that mark where once a train Of barons grac'd thy rich domain, Illustrious PEMBROKE[1]! drain'd thy bowl, [Footnote 1: Part of the original palace of the ...
— The Banks of Wye • Robert Bloomfield

... be tempted. He had gone hungry to buy those books. A long time after, Mr. Hoda didn't care about them, for his vision brought him the beautifulest faith. He knew food and clothing for the children would come, and often there hasn't been a bite nor a penny in the house and almost time for the dinner bell to ring, when from somewhere food or the way to buy it, would come pouring in as though that Orphan Asylum was built in a land filled with manna and flowing with honey. Mr. Hoda and his flock of orphans have waited but never wanted. ...
— The House of the Misty Star - A Romance of Youth and Hope and Love in Old Japan • Fannie Caldwell Macaulay

... come and disturb him. Then caressingly he shouted, "Good night till tomorrow, little Mother!" and promised to take a nap. But he did not go to bed again and with flushed cheeks and bright eyes noiselessly put on his clothes. Then he sat on a chair and waited. When the dinner bell rang he listened for Count Muffat, who was on his way to the dining room, and ten minutes later, when he was certain that no one would see him, he slipped from the window to the ground with the assistance of a rain pipe. His bedroom was situated on the first ...
— Nana, The Miller's Daughter, Captain Burle, Death of Olivier Becaille • Emile Zola

... Anything was better than further suspense. Again night came. Again the dinner bell sounded. Choosing my opportunity, I strolled across the quadrangle and secreted myself in one of the offices. Through a chink I watched the sentries. For half an hour they remained stolid and obstructive. Then suddenly one turned and walked up to his comrade and they began ...
— Real Soldiers of Fortune • Richard Harding Davis

... what I knew of her proud disposition it would ruin all my hopes, as she would never consent to be the rival of her waiting-maid. I easily satisfied her that even for her own sake the utmost caution was absolutely necessary, and having now obtained all the information she could give me and the dinner bell ringing, I hastened to ...
— Laura Middleton; Her Brother and her Lover • Anonymous

... man, too obese to descend from his high wagon, bought an immense dinner bell and he was hit unmercifully. A rusty old fly-catcher elicited many remarks—as "no flies on that." I bought several chests, half full of rubbish, but found, alas! no hidden treasure, no missing jewels, no money hid away by miserly ...
— Adopting An Abandoned Farm • Kate Sanborn

... thee with meadow, Lake and dell, And for the Falls of Kauterskill I know no Parallel: Humanity has crowned thee with this festive Gay Hotel, Where Fame and Fashion eager wait to hear Thy dinner bell: O Mount! O view! thy beauties now I can no Longer tell, For, after breakfast, I must say—O Katskill! Fare thee well! And leave thee—in one of those abominable stages, "which I ...
— Punchinello, Vol. 1, No. 22, August 27, 1870 • Various

... cook would make in the fall. We had to plant enough more to feed all the horses, cattle, pigs, turkeys, geese, and chickens, during the long winter, even if the sun grew uncomfortably warm, and the dinner bell was ...
— Moths of the Limberlost • Gene Stratton-Porter

... something lacking in his delivery and voice, for he so frequently failed to rivet the attention of the House, and so often addressed a steadily dwindling audience, that the wits christened him "the dinner bell." ...
— The Glory of English Prose - Letters to My Grandson • Stephen Coleridge

... of boys waiting for the dinner bell, and they divided respectfully to leave a passage for Mr Paton, and touched their hats as he passed them with his hand still on Walter's shoulder, while Walter walked with downcast eyes beside him, not once daring to look up. And as the boy passed ...
— St. Winifred's - The World of School • Frederic W. Farrar

... the hotel, with a jerk that nearly upset the poor thing and brought admiration to everybody's eyes. Fortunately for the coach, that was the only time of day the horses ever went off a snail's pace. The dinner bell at the Miners' Home clanged vigorously, the piano in the saloon opposite set up a clatter, the crowd hurried around the dust-enveloped coach to see if they could discover a passenger, while the red-faced landlord shouted, "This way ...
— The Transformation of Job - A Tale of the High Sierras • Frederick Vining Fisher

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