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Dimension   /dɪmˈɛnʃən/   Listen

The magnitude of something in a particular direction (especially length or width or height).
A construct whereby objects or individuals can be distinguished.  Synonyms: attribute, property.
One of three Cartesian coordinates that determine a position in space.
Magnitude or extent.  Synonym: proportion.

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"Dimension" Quotes from Famous Books

... female train who round him throng'd to gaze, In silent wonder sigh'd unwilling praise. A sabre, when the warrior press'd to part, I gave, enamell'd with Vulcanian art: A mantle purple-tinged, and radiant vest, Dimension'd equal to his size, express'd Affection grateful to my honour'd guest. A favourite herald in his train I knew, His visage solemn, sad of sable hue: Short woolly curls o'erfleeced his bending head, O'er which a promontory ...
— The Odyssey of Homer • Homer, translated by Alexander Pope

... down to his house; but all the while he knew that this was not his real habitation, that the house Boase was building daily, stone by stone, was for him too the ultimate bourne, that house which, in some other dimension, only glimpsed here to the dazzling of the mind, is straightened by neither time nor place as we understand them. He knew it, but not yet for him did the knowledge hold any peace—rather it sent a chill of helplessness to his heart. He still wanted something in this world, and not in ...
— Secret Bread • F. Tennyson Jesse

... taught man how to work in brass and iron, who ever heard of a sneaking, mean-spirited, cowardly blacksmith? To find such an one were as hard a matter as to discover the Fourth Dimension, methinks, or the ...
— The Broad Highway • Jeffery Farnol

... pine, poplar, or other soft wood. Box tops, if of soft wood, may be made to serve nearly all needs. If possible, provide thin wood (about 1/4 in. thick) in various widths, from one inch to six inches, so that only one dimension need be measured. Provide also thick pieces 1-1/2 in. or 2 in. square for beds and chairs; 1/2 in. square for ...
— Primary Handwork • Ella Victoria Dobbs

... like a diamond which the sun had struck. Within itself the eternal pearl had received us, even as water receives a ray of light, remaining unbroken. If I was body (and here[1] it is not conceivable how one dimension brooked another, which needs must be if body enter body) the desire ought the more to kindle us to see that Essence, in which is seen how our nature and God were united. There will be seen that which we hold by faith, ...
— The Divine Comedy, Volume 3, Paradise [Paradiso] • Dante Alighieri

... and thermic induction mostly," answered Hooker. "And when I want a rest I take a crack at the fourth dimension—spacial curvature's my hobby. But I'm always working at radio stuff. That's where the big things are going to be pulled off, ...
— The Man Who Rocked the Earth • Arthur Train

... made to slide freely up and down between the abutments, and projecting slightly beyond the walls on each side, was then blocked up snugly to the bottom edges of the sides, thus obtaining a box 3 by 4 by 7 ft., the last dimension not being important. Bolts, 44 in. long, with long threads, were run up through the false bottom and through 6 by 15 by 2-in. pine washers to nuts on the top. The box was filled with ordinary coarse sand from the trench, the sand being ...
— Pressure, Resistance, and Stability of Earth • J. C. Meem

... masses, exactly similar to those distinguished by the name of 'meteor-stones,' were seen to fall. The district in which these masses were projected, forms an elliptical extent of about two leagues and a half in length, and nearly one in breadth, the greatest dimension being in a direction from south-east to north-west; forming a declination of about 22 degrees. This direction, which the meteor must have followed, is exactly that of the magnetic meridian, which is a remarkable result. ...
— The Rain Cloud - or, An Account of the Nature, Properties, Dangers and Uses of Rain • Anonymous

... minutes, during which his mind had travelled into a remote speculation of social conditions of the future, and lost itself at last over the time dimension, Dr. Kemp roused himself with a sigh, pulled down the window again, and returned to his ...
— The Invisible Man • H. G. Wells

... postulate is as untenable as all the others, still I am very glad that I did not then lose any fact of the majesty, and beauty, and pathos of the great certain measures for the sake of that fourth dimension of the poem which is not yet made palpable or visible. I took my sad heart's fill of the sad story of "Paolo and Francesca," which I already knew in Leigh Hunt's adorable dilution, and most of the lines read themselves into my memory, where they linger yet. ...
— Henry James, Jr. • William Dean Howells

... these feelings are worthy of note. It is interesting to examine the striving for a goal and the attainment of the goal with respect to each "dimension" of feeling. Striving is tense, attainment brings the feeling of release. Striving is often excited, but fatigue and drowsiness (seeking for rest) are numb, and self-assertion may be neutral in this respect, as in "cool assumption". Reaching the goal ...
— Psychology - A Study Of Mental Life • Robert S. Woodworth

... of the writer is to show, from the brevity of the interval between Marie's disappearance and the finding of the floating corpse, that this corpse cannot be that of Marie. The reduction of this interval to its smallest possible dimension, becomes thus, at once, an object with the reasoner. In the rash pursuit of this object, he rushes into mere assumption at the outset. 'It is folly to suppose,' he says, 'that the murder, if murder was committed on her body, could have been consummated ...
— The Works of Edgar Allan Poe - Volume 1 (of 5) of the Raven Edition • Edgar Allan Poe

... with the claim of the man who calls them his. Each possessor has them his, as much as each in his own way is capable of possessing them. For possession is determined by the kind and the scope of the power of possessing; and the earth has a fourth dimension of which the mere owner of its soil ...
— Hope of the Gospel • George MacDonald

... avoid frequent remaking of column forms. Panel recesses in walls may be made the thickness of a board or plank, instead of some odd depth that will require a special thickness of lumber, or beams may be made of such size that certain dimension widths of lumber can be used without splitting. In general, carpenter work costs more than concrete and where a little excess concrete may be contributed to save carpenter work it pays to contribute it. The figures ...
— Concrete Construction - Methods and Costs • Halbert P. Gillette

... down, but could never get near enough to see—to localize it correctly. Sometimes it was overhead, and sometimes it seemed under the water. Once or twice, too, I could have sworn it was not outside at all, but within myself—you know—the way a sound in the fourth dimension is supposed to come." ...
— The Willows • Algernon Blackwood

... would pass for a reincorporation of his soul, and probably, because of his sins as an oppressor of the poor, come back as a turtle or a jackass; certainly not as a revered cow—he was too unholy. In the gradation of humans he was but a merchant of the caste of the third dimension in the great quartette of castes. It would not be like killing a Brahmin, a sin in the ...
— Caste • W. A. Fraser

... beautiful and unique testimonial of the appreciation of her labors and loving generosity in the cause of their common faith. It was a facsimile of the corner-stone of the new church of the Christian Scientists, just completed, being of granite, about six inches in each dimension, and contains a solid gold box, upon the cover ...
— Pulpit and Press (6th Edition) • Mary Baker Eddy

... He was a bony, strongly built stripling, with a record of anywhere from seventeen to nineteen years written in his red, resolute, honest face. He wore a coarse but neat suit of boy's clothes, one inch too small in every dimension, a white turn-down collar, and a black neckerchief fastidiously tied; and carried a slouched cloth cap in his hand, with which he slapped his knees alternately, after he had taken a seat, and continued to do ...
— Round the Block • John Bell Bouton

... box, 26 cm. long, 18 cm. wide, and 12 cm. deep, mounted on legs, heated from below by a Bunsen or radial gas burner, and containing a movable copper wire tray, 2 cm. smaller in every dimension than the steriliser itself, and provided with handles. The top of the steriliser is hinged to form ...
— The Elements of Bacteriological Technique • John William Henry Eyre

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