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Devilishly   /dˈɛvəlɪʃli/  /dˈɛvlɪʃli/   Listen

As a devil; in an evil manner.  Synonyms: diabolically, fiendishly.
In a playfully devilish manner.  Synonym: devilish.
(used as intensives) extremely.  Synonyms: deadly, deucedly, insanely, madly.  "Deadly dull" , "Deadly earnest" , "Deucedly clever" , "Insanely jealous"

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"Devilishly" Quotes from Famous Books

... of him, because he had once in his dry, detached way presented that official with a complete chart of his life, temperament and just deserts, neatly done in coloured inks and mounted on cardboard. It was so devilishly accurate that the concierge trembled whenever he passed it, which was frequently, as his wife had it framed and hung it in ...
— Margarita's Soul - The Romantic Recollections of a Man of Fifty • Ingraham Lovell

... devilishly light," answered Max, "for look there!" pointing to the foot of the tower; "it has flown up ...
— The Two Brothers • Honore de Balzac

... after his committal, early in January, 1661, the Quarter Sessions came on, and "John Bunyan, of the town of Bedford, labourer," was indicted in the customary form for having "devilishly and perniciously abstained from coming to church to hear Divine Service," and as "a common upholder of several unlawful meetings and conventions, to the great disturbance and distraction of the good subjects ...
— The Life of John Bunyan • Edmund Venables

... Travers when he thought Priscilla was out of hearing; "that young woman you've given charge over me ought to have a bigger field for her accomplishments. She's a natural-born tyrant. I tried to escape her this morning; had got as far as one foot out of bed when she bore down upon me, calmly, devilishly calmly, pointed to my offending foot, and said: "Back, sir!" Then we argued a bit—I'm afraid I was a trifle testy—and finally she laid hands upon my ankle in the most scientific manner and had me on my back before I could think of the proper adjectives ...
— The Place Beyond the Winds • Harriet T. Comstock

... "This whole deal makes me sick at the stomach and I think my face is turning green too. But I'm devilishly and gleefully glad, Clee, that I was here to hear somebody give you cards, spaces, and big casino and still beat the lights and liver out of you at your own ...
— The Galaxy Primes • Edward Elmer Smith

... play lies in its true portrayal of the sordid type of life which it expressed. As it is more or less purely photographic, I do not think it should be given the credit of an inspiration—it is rather devilishly clever, but a great ...
— The Easiest Way - Representative Plays by American Dramatists: 1856-1911 • Eugene Walter

... what people had said. The Dean had himself seen that horrid dance, with its results. The awful accusation made by the Marquis had been uttered in the Dean's ears. Because that had been wicked and devilishly false, the Dean's folly was not the less. Lord George embraced his wife, but she knew from the touch of his arm round her waist that there was something ...
— Is He Popenjoy? • Anthony Trollope

... the centre of the room, staring, with a sort of madness, at this notorious free-booter—this suave, devilishly ...
— The Sins of Severac Bablon • Sax Rohmer

... twenty yards further off he, running two feet to the cowpony's one, would brush through safely, but as it was no one could tell. He knew the reach of a lariat as well as a man; had not Cordova tormented him devilishly with one time and again? Estimating the speed of his approaching enemy and the reach of the rope he felt that he could still gain freedom—unless luck was ...
— Alcatraz • Max Brand

... be best; for I can button the cape over the lower part of my face. Don't I look devilishly down and ...
— Clarissa, Volume 5 (of 9) • Samuel Richardson

... murderers. But, you see, Joan, I've a fear of myself. I've a cruel brain. I can use it on my own failures. I've been through some self-punishment—no! of course, you don't understand all that.... Anyway, I came in, in great fear of my life, and saw what I saw—a woman tied up and devilishly tortured, a man gloating over her helplessness. Naturally, before I spoke my mind, as a man was bound to speak it, under the pain and fury of such a spectacle, I got ready to defend myself. Your—Pierre"—there ...
— The Branding Iron • Katharine Newlin Burt

... educating savages into common morality and decency. And for the same reasons we employ it among the Negroes of Trinidad. Have no fears lest we should corrupt the minds of the young. They see and hear more harm daily than we could ever teach them, were we so devilishly minded. There is vice now, rampant and notorious, in Port of Spain, which eludes even our Confessional. Let us alone to do our best. God knows we are trying to do ...
— At Last • Charles Kingsley

... State. He had, says Taylor, for many years done the work of the Under-Secretary, and he objected to doing it any longer on the same terms. The Under-Secretary complained to Lord Melbourne that his subordinate desired to supplant him, and got only the characteristic reply, 'It looks devilishly like it.'[38] In 1836 he had to retire, and my father became Under-Secretary in his place, with a salary of 2,000l. a year, on February 4 of that year, and at the same time gave up his connection with the Board of Trade. He was actively concerned in the establishment of responsible ...
— The Life of Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, Bart., K.C.S.I. - A Judge of the High Court of Justice • Sir Leslie Stephen

... outside. Dark streets. Sleepy chauffeurs dreaming of $10 tips. All-night Greek restaurants. Twenty-second Street has gone to bed. But we sit in the warm cabaret, devilishly proud of ourselves. We're a part of the gang that stays awake when the ...
— A Thousand and One Afternoons in Chicago • Ben Hecht

... goes on to tell of the blasphemous worship demanded of all. This leader has an assistant or lieutenant to whom he deputizes great power. He makes an image to his chief, and demands all to worship at this shrine. He has supernatural power, that is, devilishly supernatural. He performs great miracles, even calling down fire from heaven. He gives breath to the image and makes it speak. And he punishes with death any one who refuses this blasphemous worship ...
— Quiet Talks on the Crowned Christ of Revelation • S. D. Gordon

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