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(pl. dagos)
(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Italian descent.  Synonyms: ginzo, greaseball, Guinea, wop.

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"Dago" Quotes from Famous Books

... a Dago," and then after a pause he remarked impressively, "He is an Arab," and then after a still longer pause, he said still more impressively, "He is the Emir Achmed Ben Daoud, hereditary prince of the tribe of Al-Yam, which ranges on the borders of that fertile and smiling region of Arabia known ...
— The Strange Adventures of Mr. Middleton • Wardon Allan Curtis

... Strange that he should have a feeling of greater companionship for a vagabond like this than for most people he met. Was it some temperamental thing in him? "Dago," as he called the Romany inwardly, there was still a bond between them. They understood the glory of a little instrument like this, and could forget the world in the light on a great picture. There was something in the air they breathed which gave them easier understanding of ...
— The Judgment House • Gilbert Parker

... story Mrs. Johnston relates the story of Dago, a pet monkey, owned jointly by two brothers. Dago tells his own story, and the account of his haps and mishaps is both ...
— Jerry's Reward • Evelyn Snead Barnett

... I," said Kettle. "There's nothing foolish with me about niggers. But there's a limit to everything, and this snuff-colored Dago goes too far. He's got to be squared with, and I'm going to ...
— A Master of Fortune • Cutcliffe Hyne

... he's dark enough to be a dago! Maybe he's a foreign count, or something, Liz, and he'll take you back to live in ...
— Trailin'! • Max Brand

... be a Dago after all," suggested "Bill," glancing from the port. "The flag doesn't mean anything. They might be flying Old Glory as a ruse de guerre. By George! That craft ...
— A Gunner Aboard the "Yankee" • Russell Doubleday

... "Bless that Dago's heart! I haven't chummed in with the degenerate aristocracy much in my time, but somewhere or other I've seen that chap ...
— Cape Cod Stories - The Old Home House • Joseph C. Lincoln

... and young Harry, we were together in the Serpent Queen—my name's Dibbs. That's where we got hold of the yarn about Lomo Island, though we didn't believe there was anything in it. But when this Dago died——" ...
— Bones in London • Edgar Wallace

... are ashamed of being known as such. Long years ago, when I was a student in Germany, I was introduced one evening to a young German countess. She said in her broken English, "I am so glad to meet an American. I have heard you have many funny people there, the Dago, the Paddy, the Nigger, and many more; but I have heard that the lowest people there are what they call the 'damn Yankees.' How I would like to see one of them!" This, bear in mind, was soon after our Civil War, and she received her impression ...
— The Menorah Journal, Volume 1, 1915 • Various

... blurted out O'Dwyer, ever ready to recite the good qualities of Danvers. Thereupon he told of the Christmas supper, Colonel Macleod's request, and the duet. "But they sang in English, so a Christian could understand—not this Dago lingo," he concluded. The Irishman's contempt for the soft Italian ...
— A Man of Two Countries • Alice Harriman

... He was snoozing away on the hay. When he come to, his head didn't hurt narry bit. That once I shore split his pants for him with a hame strop. He's got to leave my licker alone; that's one thing he can't put over on his paw,—no not yit. Down the crick at the mines is a dago, a fur-reen-er and his folks from Bolony. He's got a boy, Luigi Poggi, about fourteen but not as big as Caleb. That boy spends all his time with Caleb. He had jest gone home when you rid up. He talks dago to Caleb and Caleb gives him back jest plain straight ...
— Chit-Chat; Nirvana; The Searchlight • Mathew Joseph Holt

... than a chipmunk, save a touch of the lumbago, And they calls me Old Methoosalah, and 'blagues' me all the day. I'm their exhibition sniper, and they work me like a Dago, And laugh to see me plug a Boche a half a mile away. Oh I hold the highest record in ...
— Rhymes of a Red Cross Man • Robert W. Service

... from an opera I had once heard. For some reason or other that strain had been in my head all day. I had gotten up in the morning with it; I had whistled it during the fight with the head wind. The Kid called it "that Dago tune." I think it was something from ...
— The River and I • John G. Neihardt

... asked myself that same question. 'We're better'n these cheap emigrants,' I'd say to myself. 'We was here first, an' owned the land. I can lick any Dago that ever hatched in the Azores. I got a better education. Then how in thunder do they put it all over us, get our land, an' start accounts in the banks?' An' the only answer I know is that we ain't got the sabe. We don't ...
— The Valley of the Moon • Jack London

... into me house, and I think the same of thim meself—dirthy things, an' takin' the bread away from th' honest Amercan laborin' man—and I would not be thinkin' of takin' one t' board at this day, but would ye tell me this:—is a Frinchmin a Dago?" ...
— Mike Flannery On Duty and Off • Ellis Parker Butler

... he declared firmly. "Guinea-pigs, or dago pigs or Irish pigs is all the same to the Interurban Express Company an' to Mike Flannery. Th' nationality of the pig creates no differentiality in the rate, Misther Morehouse! 'Twould be the same was they Dutch pigs or Rooshun pigs. Mike Flannery," he added, "is here ...
— "Pigs is Pigs" • Ellis Parker Butler

... carries knives. But you don't understand, Dempsey. I never had a fellow in my life. I got tired of comin' with Anna and Jimmy every night, so I fixed it with him to call himself O'Sullivan, and brought him along. I knew there'd be nothin' doin' for him if he came as a Dago. I guess I'll ...
— The Four Million • O. Henry

... narrator laughed joyfully. "The Dago Count went for Curtis as if he was on to a sure thing, but before you could say 'knife' he was on his back on the sidewalk. I've never seen a man put down so quick. I couldn't have floored him so beautifully if ...
— One Wonderful Night - A Romance of New York • Louis Tracy

... Captain Charlie and their many industrial comrades, had returned to their homes after the meeting of their union, five men gathered in that dirty, poorly lighted room in the rear of Dago Bill's pool hall. ...
— Helen of the Old House • Harold Bell Wright

... ever th' sun shined on. You know we men that fighted Injuns knows what they was made of. All this talk 'bout Injuns not bein' fighters, an' not bein' game, an' one white man bein' as good as ten Injuns, makes me feel like th' organ-grinder Dago what said, 'It makes me sick, an' makes th' ...
— Injun and Whitey to the Rescue • William S. Hart

Words linked to "Dago" :   jargon, derogation, depreciation, wop, cant, vernacular, lingo, patois, argot, slang, ethnic slur, disparagement, Italian

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