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genus nasalis
genus nasturtium
genus nasua
genus natrix
genus nauclea
genus naucrates
genus nautilus
genus necturus
genus negaprion
genus nelumbo
genus nemophila
genus neoceratodus
genus neofiber
genus neohygrophorus
genus neolentinus
genus neomys
genus neophron
genus neotoma
genus nepa
genus nepenthes
genus nepeta
genus nephelium
genus nephrolepis
genus nephrops
genus nephthytis
genus nerita
genus neritina
genus nerium
genus nerodia
genus nesokia
genus nestor
genus neurospora
genus neurotrichus
genus nicandra
genus nicotiana
genus nidularia
genus nierembergia
genus nigella
genus nigroporus
genus nimravus
genus nipa
genus nitella
genus nitrobacter
genus nitrosomonas
genus noctiluca
genus noctua
genus nolina
genus nomia
genus nopalea
genus nostoc
genus notechis
genus notemigonus
genus nothofagus
genus nothosaurus
genus notomys
genus notonecta
genus notophthalmus
genus notornis
genus notoryctus
genus notropis
genus nucifraga
genus numenius
genus numida
genus nuphar
genus nuytsia
genus nyctaginia
genus nyctanassa
genus nyctereutes
genus nycticebus
genus nycticorax
genus nyctimene
genus nymphaea
genus nymphalis
genus nymphicus
genus nypa
genus nyssa
genus oceanites
genus ochna
genus ochotona
genus ochroma
genus ocimum
genus octopus
genus ocyurus
genus odobenus
genus odocoileus