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genus libocedrus
genus lichanura
genus ligularia
genus ligustrum
genus lilium
genus limanda
genus limax
genus limenitis
genus limnobium
genus limnocryptes
genus limnodromus
genus limonium
genus limosa
genus limulus
genus linanthus
genus linaria
genus lindera
genus lindheimera
genus linnaea
genus linum
genus liomys
genus liopelma
genus liparis
genus liposcelis
genus liquidambar
genus liriodendron
genus liriope
genus listera
genus listeria
genus litchi
genus lithocarpus
genus lithophragma
genus lithops
genus lithospermum
genus litocranius
genus littorina
genus livistona
genus loasa
genus lobelia
genus lobipes
genus lobotes
genus lobularia
genus locusta
genus lofortyx
genus logania
genus loiseleuria
genus loligo
genus lolium
genus lomatia
genus lomogramma
genus lonas
genus lonchocarpus
genus lonicera
genus lophius
genus lophodytes
genus lopholatilus
genus lophophora
genus lophophorus
genus lophosoria
genus loranthus
genus loris
genus lota
genus lotus
genus lovoa
genus loxia
genus loxodonta
genus loxoma
genus loxostege
genus lucilia
genus lufengpithecus
genus luffa
genus lumpenus
genus lunaria
genus lunda
genus lupinus
genus luscinia
genus lutjanus
genus lutra
genus luvarus
genus lycaena
genus lycaeon
genus lychnis
genus lycium
genus lycoperdon
genus lycopersicon
genus lycopersicum
genus lycopodium
genus lycopus
genus lycosa