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genus lambis
genus laminaria
genus lamium
genus lamna
genus lampris
genus lampropeltis
genus languas
genus lanius
genus lansium
genus lanthanotus
genus laportea
genus lappula
genus lardizabala
genus larix
genus larrea
genus larus
genus lasiocampa
genus lasiurus
genus lasthenia
genus lastreopsis
genus lates
genus lathyrus
genus latimeria
genus latrodectus
genus laurus
genus lavandula
genus lavatera
genus layia
genus lebistes
genus lecanopteris
genus lecanora
genus leccinum
genus ledum
genus leiopelma
genus leiophyllum
genus leipoa
genus leishmania
genus leitneria
genus lemaireocereus
genus lemmus
genus lemna
genus lemur
genus lens
genus lentinus
genus leonotis
genus leontideus
genus leontocebus
genus leontodon
genus leontopodium
genus leonurus
genus lepas
genus lepechinia
genus lepidium
genus lepidobotrys
genus lepidochelys
genus lepidocybium
genus lepidothamnus
genus lepiota
genus lepisma
genus lepisosteus
genus lepomis
genus leptarrhena
genus leptinotarsa
genus leptodactylus
genus leptoglossus
genus leptopteris
genus leptoptilus
genus leptospira
genus leptotyphlops
genus lepus
genus lespedeza
genus lesquerella
genus leucadendron
genus leucaena
genus leucanthemum
genus leuciscus
genus leucocytozoan
genus leucocytozoon
genus leucogenes
genus leucothoe
genus levisticum
genus lewisia
genus leycesteria
genus leymus
genus liatris